Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Smurfette Village

Smurfette Village

One day in a faraway land there were the smurfettes. They were good. Then there was Silva she was bad. And if you be good you just might catch a glimpse of the smurfettes.

One day Silva made a smurf that is a boy Smurfette. All the smurfettes fell in love with Smurf mainly because he was the only boy smurfette apart from Papa Smurf he is the smartest smurf in the land of Smurfette. One day Silva brought a cat. But one day the cat nearly found the smurfettes and then a tree fell on it’s nose so it can’t find the scent of the smurfettes. The next day Silva brought a new cat called Spider. Spider loved to chase smurfettes. Mainly Papa Smurf was making potions but today he is making a potion to turn smurfette village invisible. But the village had ran out of smurfette berries. So Papa Smurf sent Smurf away to pick smurfette berries and on his way he ran into Spider, Silva’s cat. Smurf had seen the cat before but not any of the smurfettes had. Only Papa Smurf and Smurf had seen Spider before. Smurf was also scared that he ran for his life. Forgetting that Silvea and Spider still think that smurf is bad. It  was about half an hour before he realized that he wasn’t being chased by Spider and that Spider and Silva still think that smurf is bad. So he started running back to where he saw Spider. It took another half an hour to get to get there. Just when Smurf thought that spider was gone he caught a glimpse of Spider's tail and ran up to him and asked if Spider could take Smurf to Silva to ask her something. So Spider took smurf to Silva the nasty witch. She was doing three things at a time.

  1. making a potion
  2. talking to her brother Gargamel
  3. cooking Grumpy Smurfette
Smurf what up to Silva and said hi. Silva was happy to see Smurf. Smurf was happy to see Silva and sad to see Grumpy Smurfette in the pot. Smurf asked Silva if she could make a big robot bigger than Silva for him to squash the whole smurfette village. Gumpy Smurfette heard this and straight away knew what Smurf was thinking so she smiled forgetting she was in the pot. Smurf asked Silva what did she see outside. Silva went outside to see and Smurf grabbed the pot’s key and opened the pot told Grumpy Smurf to go tell the others about the plan. Then he put the lid on and locked the pot again then he put the key right back where it was. When Silva came back in she said it was just Spider locked outside again. Smurf then left and on the way back he found some Smurfette berries now Papa smurf could make the village invisible.

no smurfette's where harmed in the making of this story

to be continued 


  1. This is so cool. I like how you changed it to all boys and one girl too all girls and two boys. (Papa)

    1. thanks mum
      I was thinking about making papa a girl

  2. That is such a cool piece of writing you have I wish I could write like you.