Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's not easy being a Pukeko

It’s not easy being a Pukeko

Walking around minding my own business when crunch a car hit my brother.
Swimming in the swamp when oops I swam into some moss.
Spying through the bushes when crash someone banged into me.
Now what is it
Its a giant help ohh it’s taking photo’s time to pose, Click ahh the light to bright  I can not see
time to fly.
got to go look after the little ones
oh forgot can’t fly
have to walk
um maybe I will run

It’s not easy being a Pukeko

By Bianca

hoped you enjoyed my fotobable

Monday, March 18, 2013

stuck on bear island

Have you ever been stuck on an island with bear’s? I have and here is how it happened.

“AHHH” I said as a huge wave caved over us. We got washed ashore onto the rocky shore of bear island. It was so scary I started to cry because there were bears on the island and I didn't want to get eaten by a hungry bear. Mum said she was going to take me on a hunt around bear Island, while nana and pop and the others fixed the boat, so I said yes. We went around a corner and “ AHHH” I screamed as I saw a...   cute little seal  bet you thought it was a bear eh but it wasn't so back to the story. I went to run up to it but mum stopped me just in time and said that if the mummy seal was there it would hurt me very badly. After that we started heading back to the boat and saw that it was all fixed. It was still wet but it was ready to go so we went back to Waimarama. The wave’s were huge and it made the boat jump. We went back to my nana’s and pop's house (they live in Waimarama) to get washed off.

You thought bear island actually had bears. I thought that too when I unexpectedly went there  but it doesn't have bears don don don!!!!!!!!

Mystery Person

Can you guess who I am? I am a mystery year 6 girl in room 20.

I have diamond blue eyes. My blondish brownish hair. I have very light pink skin that is easily sunburned. My freckles cover my face like a blanket. I am as pretty as  a model. My cheeks are as red as a rose. I do not have a fringe.  I’ve got sparkling earrings. I am as tall as a light switch

can you guess who I am?

Top town

Here is my Top Town tagxedo 

Top town is a day when year's 5 and 6  go out on the field in their houses. We were split in two groups. I am in kea. There is also Tui, Takahe, Pukeko and Hoiho. We played lots of games like liliy pads, giant ball balancing and 4 people walking. We did it to help see who were going to be sports pals or young leaders. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Last post of 2012

This year I have had lots of comments and this is the one that had the most at: my maths problem
MR M is my teacher. He is a very good teacher. I wish I could have him again
This is the last post of the year.
See you in 2013

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Four Friends

One day Rosetta was going for a walk to her nana’s. She had to walk through a spooky forest. Rosetta was all alone so she thought. There were Three little fairies following her. There names are tinkerbell, Silvermist and Furn. Rosetta could hear them talking so she started running. She run so fast she just about ran into the forest. “whoa that was so so close I just about went in the spooky forest” She said. “spooky forest that not the spooky forest” said Furn "The spooky forest is next door" replied silvermist "Yes she must be scared because it is spooky on the side” tinker bell said “YEAH” Said Furn and silvermist Forgetting that Rosetta was there. “Ahhh” Rosetta screamed as she started to run in fact she was so scared she ran into the middle of the forest. “ whoa she ran right into the forest” said tinker bell “Yeah” replied silvermist. “whoa this is the good forest that other forest must be the bad forest that is why it is so spooky in the middle “yes that is her” said furn to the others “ maybe we should go and say hi” said silvermist “yeah” Whispered tink “I guess so” said furn
“HI THERE” shouted tink “AH” screamed Rosetta “w-w-who is there” “sorry if we scared you i am furn and these are my friends silvermist and tinkerbell tink for short we are the fairies of the good forest and we need your help “HELP why would you need my help your fairies you can fly can’t I only have a nana and she has cancer well it is hard for us to fly because evil doctor lightbow is taking away all our flying power

to be continued

no one was harmed in the making of this story