Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dear V.M.Jones

Dear V.M.Jones,

I loved the book Buddy. One of my favorite bits was when Chantel kissed Josh I kinda knew it was coming. It was very sad that Josh didn’t win the race but it was good he chose his brother over winning I would have too, if I didn’t see my brother a lot and he was like that.

My favorite character is Chantel because of what I hear she sounds beautiful. It was funny as well when Chantel kissed Josh because we have a Josh in our class.

Yours sincerely


Ps. can you please write back
and if you do can you send a photo of Chantel please
and also a photo of Josh please that is if you have one.

thanks for reading


  1. I like your letter Bianca!

    I like the part were you asked for the photo.....

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    2. Dear Casey

      Thank you i like that to thank you

      Thanks Bianca