Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Summer is here, yay! Baby animals are born, gardens get lots of compost ants and flys eat Zara's (my little sister) pizza. Did you now there is enough ants to cover everyone everywhere? (I hope it does not happen).

Remember summer when I got stuck in a tree and you helped me down. Did you hear the birds chirp? I did. Did you feel the itchy mowed grass and it was getting ready to make hay?

Remember the cool wind and the ash fell from the sky. Everyone swam all day on the sunny days. Remember when you went to Waimarama and building sand castles and all the sand in your toes.


  1. I love how you put in that interesting fact how there are enough ants in the world to over everyone, everywhere. I hope that never happens too, Bianca!

  2. Cool bianca i like how you put questions and facts Awesome Eden and in a way Its humerous

  3. Bianca your story is allsome good writeing.Alexandra.