Monday, May 21, 2012

A good leader

I think my dance teacher is a good leader. Because she likes to dance and she made her own class.

She teaches modern jazz, ballet and tap. Before and after me she teaches ballet. She teaches me modern jazz. She lives right at the other end of Willow Park Road. That’s the end away from the main road. Each time I go there she teaches me something new. Last time and the time before it was hard.  She teaches me long ones and she teaches me short ones. Sometimes she teaches me bits of them. She is a very good leader.


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  2. Awesome good leader writing Bianca. How long have you been dancing for?

  3. She is a good dance teacher. and you are getting really good at it.

  4. Wow Bianca I wish that she was my dance teacher because she sounds like a very good leader.