Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's not easy being a Pukeko

It’s not easy being a Pukeko

Walking around minding my own business when crunch a car hit my brother.
Swimming in the swamp when oops I swam into some moss.
Spying through the bushes when crash someone banged into me.
Now what is it
Its a giant help ohh it’s taking photo’s time to pose, Click ahh the light to bright  I can not see
time to fly.
got to go look after the little ones
oh forgot can’t fly
have to walk
um maybe I will run

It’s not easy being a Pukeko

By Bianca

hoped you enjoyed my fotobable


  1. Bank's your writing is getting better

  2. I like your writing Bianca. I especially like how you put it’s taking photo’s time to pose. That part was funny.

  3. good writing Bianca I love the photo and you put on the photo so cute.

  4. Awesome Bianca
    I really like the part were it says "Time To Pose"
    This is an amazing post it is really funny.
    Keep Up The GREAT WORK!!

    Courtney :)